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Liam Dennis

Liam grew his wings January of 2023.

My Story

Liam was 4 years old when he was diagnosed with SIOD. Liam was an open-minded, fun-loving boy who was always ready to have fun .... he loved Rammstein and Playmobil.

Liam passed away in January of 2023.

What were your thoughts when you FIRST learned that your child was diagnosed with SIOD?

I was shocked and didn't know what to expect.

Tell us briefly about the medical complications that have occurred because of SIOD

Severe headaches, neurological deficits, hip surgeries, strokes, epilepsy

What has your child's treatment plan looked like?

Many, many appointments and many medicines.

What challenges does your family face because of SIOD?

The challenge is that you have to stay positive despite this illness.

What would a cure mean to you and your child?

I would give anything if it could heal my child.

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